Friday, 5 September 2008

EElectrifying dances at world's first eco-friendly nightclub

Rotterdam - Hundreds of energetic dancers opened the world's first eco-friendly nightclub late Thursday in Rotterdam. Club Watt's moto is apt: "We want your energy."

Each night Club Watt will get about a third of the power it needs for its DJs from a special dance floor. Dancers' vigorous movements make the floor vibrate, and this is transformed into power with the help of mini dynamos.

Dancers can read just how much power is being produced on boards next to the DJs stage.

Everything is environment friendly at Club Watt, from the rain water toilet flushes to the bars with reusable plastic glasses.

The club's management says their eco-consciousness will ensure that they save a lot of energy, and money - enough to cover the costs of drinking water for 13,000 people.

Nightclub owners from Berlin to Paris and from Sydney to San Francisco have already expressed an interest in the unique concept developed by the Rotterdam disco.

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