Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Trilliant Energy Vallet - iPhone Based SmartGrid Integration

Original Article - Trilliant Inc.

Helping consumers and the environment
Electric car charged? Check. Schedule hot tub at home? Check. Helping the environment? Check. All this and more is made possible by Trilliant's Energy Valet, a widget for use on Apple's iPhone® and iPod touch® that will give consumers unprecedented control over energy consumption and savings. Sign up for Trilliant's Preview to get more information as it becomes available.

Benefits include:

* Instant status of utility bill costs, savings, and carbon footprint reduction.
* Instant Time of Use Rate schedule.
* Long term-near term remote scheduling of household devices.
* 1Touch charging of electric vehicle, and remote control of household.

Trilliant's SerViewCom® data acquisition and data processing platform provides a streamlined and cost-effective 24/7 Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system. Compared to other meter data acquisition systems, SerViewCom is very flexible in terms of operating system platform, data base selection, data acquisition approaches, look and feel, reporting, and alarms. Also Trilliant offers solutions for MV-90 customers enhancing the value of an overall AMI system.

SerViewCom offers various levels of configuration that allow you to refine the applications so they meet your corporate needs:

* Choose your own database: Oracle, Sybase, Postgress, MySQL, and MS SQL
* Change look and feel: SerViewCom embeds transparently into your current corporate web design
* Run on your preferred OS: Windows 2000, Windows XP and 2003
* Create reports: several formats available including PDF, HTML, and CSV

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