Thursday, 5 April 2012

Open Source Cities

The Definitely right direction. The semantic representation of global resources is particularly useful. Open Source and Publicly Available!

Open Source Cities: aptly named: We live in an urban age. And while technology will surely make cities smarter and more connected, we know that what makes a city great is how we experience it as people.
The good news is that cities are becoming more open, more liveable, and more aware of their footprint on the planet. The idea of the city is undergoing a reinvention. You could say that the city is being open sourced, and we are all part of a global conversation.

We are busy constructing a platform for citizens of the world to connect with cities. If you'd like to get involved, please drop us a line. In the mean time, find us on Twitter and our Tumblr blog.

Livable Cities, Urban Mobility, Citizen Urbanism, Open Data, Ecological Design.

A global collection of the best ideas on the future of cities. Featuring in-depth interviews with visionary leaders and a survey of rich media content, Open Source Cities explores the discipline and tradition of open source collaboration as a model for systemic change in our collective urban present and future.

Plans for the site include a semantic “middleware” database of global resources to connect citizen urbanism initiatives with top-down urban planning and policy making bodies.

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