Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Reem Island's 25km road network poised to be a landmark achievement

Abu Dhabi: To the untrained eye, the development of the arterial road network, which will serve the 200,000 residents and visitors of Abu Dhabi's Reem Island, looks more like the result of a giant burrowing creature.

However, through the expert eyes of Bunya's CEO, Tariq Hatim Sultan, an integrated regional road and mass transport system is rapidly emerging. It is one he predicts will be the envy of many other Middle Eastern cities.

According to Sultan, work on the main 25-kilometre road network, which will criss-cross the 870-hectare natural island in the Capital City of Abu Dhabi, is on schedule.

Building the roads and utilities infrastructure for Tamouh's, Sorouh's and Reem Investments' projects on Reem Island was Bunya's primary mandate when it was established.

"All the key infrastructural components for Reem Island of which the roads are central are moving closer to reality," he said. "We are on track to provide effective and efficient regional roads and utilities for Phase I development by the end of 2009."

He adds that the permanent road system is going to be unique in many ways. "Some six million cubic metres of dredged infill are being used to create a series of raised roads more than five metres above sea level. This will enable utilities such as power, water, telecommunications, gas, district cooling, and sewerage corridors to be quickly and easily installed and ready for all three master developers and their third party developers."

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