Friday, 23 March 2012

Cities and Emissions - Emerging Standards

Conor Riffle (GreenBiz) makes the case that measuring emissions is one of the primary enabling elements of evolving to a sustainable urban environment. That without uniformity in measurement technics, we'll never end up with an apples2apples set of metrics, for both baseline and operational needs. We fully agree and support international efforts in this direction. But standards alone won't be enough! Deployments and Open Data will be the key to real enablement!

Why the world needs a better way to measure cities' emissions


Earlier this week, the world welcomed a new protocol for how to measure the greenhouse gas emissions from an entire city. Thanks to the leadership of C40, ICLEI, and the World Bank, among others, this new protocol will for the first time provide city governments with clear and consistent guidelines for measuring emissions. It couldn't have come at a better time -- a new measurement protocol is critical for empowering city governments to take the next step on climate change action.

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