Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Communities and Corporations: A Sustainability Symbiosis?

SustainAbility.Com 2012 Sustainability Leaders
GreenBiz Coverage Calling out Unilever as a 2 time winner!

Well, congratulation to the top 10! And I'm very happy to see IBM, Siemens, Nike, and Nestle' move into the top 10 (I never did feel that Shell was executing a sustainable business model, as represented in last years list:).

These are, for the most part, global companies that are executing sustainable practices throughout their operations. They interact with a diverse collection of local communities, bringing sustainability, based upon global economic flows, in direct contact with local economic flows driving sustainability of the community. There is often conflict and cross purposes as these two drivers, global and local, interact.

A deeper impact of this interaction;  at the role of community and city sustainability as a significant metric in the evaluation of our global corporate players' sustainability ratings; might extend our understanding. Maybe we need a cross view. The most sustainable cities and their supportive sustainable industries?

The SustainAbility video (3 min) is definitely worth your time. 


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